Our core competencies

Connectivity for your implements

Regardless of whether you, as an agricultural machinery manufacturer or partner, require factory-fitted or retrofit solutions, our experts at connagtive are the right people to talk to when it comes to providing agricultural machinery with connectivity.Our experts of three fields of competence develop complete and customized telemetry solutions for agricultural technology. With us, you get telemetry hardware, ISOBUS and associated software as well as IoT solutions and security concepts from industry experts – as an individual solution and from a single source. No coordination effort, no friction losses, better planning and, above all: only one source. 



Customized solutions 

No matter if it is a complete solution you require or individual components from our range of products, with us you have a service package to suit your needs. 


Sound know-how 

Thanks to our extensive experience in agricultural technology, we have been developing innovative and customized connectivity solutions with and for our customers for many years. 


Comprehensive consulting 

We advise you personally on the most suitable options for you – completely irrespective of whether it is individual services that you require or a 360° solution. 

Our service spectrum

ISOBUS and ISOBUS software
from The ISOBUS Experts 

We are specialists when it comes to developing state-of-the-art control and communication software for agricultural machinery. We offer everything you need to make your machines ISOBUS-enabled – from the ISOBUS Software Library, individual software as well as consulting services, through to development tools. And so, our in-house telemetry box, ISOconnect, also incorporates important ISOBUS functions, such as the Task Controller and Data Logger. 


Learn more about our ISOBUS services: 

ISOBUS Experts website

Sophisticated embedded security solutions
from The Embedded Security Experts 

As security experts, we specialize in managing internet-enabled embedded systems in the best possible way and protecting them from data manipulation, device disablement, product piracy and data theft. Here, we rely among other things on our sophisticated IoT Device Management system. This offers a coordinated solution package that every IoT fleet requires. With our in-house telemetry box, ISOconnect, our innovative solutions guarantee secure data transmission, among other things.


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Innovative telemetry hardware
from BHTronik 

Whether for retrofitting or permanent installation, our portable telemetry box, ISOconnect, and the compact, permanently installed ISOconnect ECU offer the optimum solution for every requirement. ISOconnect and ISOconnect ECU are freely programmable, compatible with standard or OEM-specific applications and offer interfaces for connecting to machines, mobile devices and clouds. A module for LTE, WLAN and Bluetooth ensures that various data transmission possibilities are available. 


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The experts behind connagtive

Perfectly positioned

Highly specialized teams of three competence areas offer individual, customized hardware and software solutions: this is connagtive. Thanks to the close networking within the units, customers benefit from an exchange of knowledge and synergies across disciplines and industries. We develop complete and customized telemetry solutions for agricultural technology. 

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